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Asian pornstar Lulu Chu

Asian pornstar Lulu Chu

Honestly, I am just in awe. How come you guys have never mentioned Lulu Chu before? I can’t believe I am only just learning of her, but you can assure yourself that I am going to be learning all about what this Asian model has to offer. I thought I knew all of the top Asian pornstars but this one just managed to slip through my net. So far I have only watched a couple of her Asian fuck videos but wow, I am just in awe of this Asian beauty.

I can now see why busting a nut to stripper porn scenes might not seem like the perfect idea. Not if you have a cute Asian model who’s always keen to explore. With Lulu up for anything that involves a good time you’re going to be needing every ounce of time that you can get. I love seeing a real Asian pornstar not backing down from a challenge. It doesn’t matter how big and meaty a cock is, they’re always going to do what comes naturally to them, they will milk it and then they will beg for that cock to give them a second helping of jizz.